Visible Learning

The End of the Lesson

Learning is an Invitation:

Want to know if students were invited to learn? Look for the following:

  • Respect- Did the teacher make the student feel able, valued, and responsible?
  • Trust- Was there cooperative, collaborative engagement so the student could sense the importance of the lesson?
  • Optimism- Do the students know they have untapped potential?
  • Intentionality- Was the lesson specifically designed to invite students to learn?

“The aim must be to see the effect of our actions and teaching, and not to confuse this with those actions and teaching” (Hattie, 2012, p. 155).

It's All About Perspective

What did the lesson look like from Teacher Perspective?

  • Teachers evaluate their involvement with student learning and their effect on each student. They possess a with-it-ness that equates to a passion for seeing students succeed.

  • Teachers involve their colleagues when evaluating the success of their lessons. Were the learning goals clear and the success criteria attainable?

  • Teachers create opportunities to check for understanding during the lesson. They check for understanding and modify the instruction to meet the students’ ability to acquire the subject matter during the lesson (formative) and assess the learning at the end of the lesson (summative).

Want to impact student learning?

Learn to cultivate warmth, develop trust and empathy, but most importantly, develop positive relationships.

Strategy Corner