Mrs. Markle's First Grade News

Arpil, 2014

Parent Information

March has been a very exciting month for learning. Thank you to all of our mystery readers who helped us celebrate. The students loved hearing you read.

Report cards will be going home on April 17th. Please note that sometimes the grades go down slightly, especially in reading. This is due to the fact that the students are expected to be more independent and the teacher is no longer reading large portions of the reading test aloud.

On the report card you will also see a grade for addition and subtraction facts. This grade reflects how well the students know their facts to sums of 10 and related subtraction facts. Starting in the 4th marking period, first graders are expected to know addition and subtraction facts to 18.


We have started working on our long vowel sounds with the silent e at the end of the word. This can be a tricky pattern for some students as they are so used to the short vowels. Please continue to have them read as much as possible at home.

This month in writing we will be focusing on poetry. Students will read and write lots of poems. At the end of the month, look for a poetry anthology to come home. First graders are really good at at writing poems and they love it.


This month we have been learning about shapes and solids. Students love learning about the "scientific" names for solids like sphere and cylinder. They have a lot of fun with this. We are also learning about symmetry. Continue to work with your child on time and money as that reappears in our math lessons.


We continue to work with the iPads in our classroom. We have been doing a lot of work in piccollage, geoboards, and popplet. Look below at some of our fabulous student work! The students also learned how to make a presentation in keynote.