United States And Our Debt

How does the U.S. being in debt effect todays youth?

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I am a 16 year-old who cares about her future. My name is Grace Wright, I plan to go to college and major in law. I believe that life is going to be a lot harder for my generation because of the decisions and mistakes the generation before me has made.
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The United States Debt Is Constanly Growing.

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Essenial Question: How does the US being in debt effect todays youth?

I want to know if today's youth will have to pay for the mistakes of the generation before them. I think this is important for people to know about so they will be aware of that fact that we are in debt and it could effect today's youth. I am I very smart and concerned youth about my future so I want to find out and share with others.
$17 Trillion U.S. DEBT - A Visual Perspective

My Process

The United States is in a lot of debt and we need to find ways to save money. We should also make some budget cuts, but in the right areas. "Money is an opportunity for happiness, but it is an opportunity that people routinely squander because the things they think will make them happy often don't." (Elizabeth Dunn, Daniel Gilbert and Timothy D. Wilson) We should monitor what we spend on wants.

There are many simple and easy ways to save money. One sure way to monitor spending would be to start a budget. "When it comes to money and so many other things in life, understanding your weaknesses and strengths can help you with your future plans.” (Tagene Brown-McBean) Budgeting is a smart way to manage money. The government has a budget, but if we are trillions of dollars in debt then we need to change it up.