Mrs. Wilson's Language Class

December 1-5

This Week...

This week we have been finishing up our Science Fiction/Fantasy project and beginning our next adventure. As students are finishing up their required books for their project, I am expecting them to be checking out new books that they will be reading on their own. Next week I will be asking the students to make a goal for how much they would like to read over break. Please encourage them to stick with whatever they choose. Many students are very clear that they do not read outside of class. Although I am grateful for their honesty,I am not okay with this. Please encourage reading at home. I understand that we have busy lives, especially with the holidays coming up. However putting reading on the back burner is sending a message to your child that it isn't important, which we all know isn't true.

Feel Free to use the book challenge to motivate your child. The standings are as follows:

1st Hour-189

2nd Hour-139

3rd Hour- 125

6th Hour- 189

Any class could win at this point. Especially with the LONG holiday break coming up.


December 5 Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Projects are due

December 9 Scholastic Orders are due (Great Gift Ideas) Classroom code is H6DJC

December 12 Ugly Sweater Run at KMS- proceeds go toward playground equipment

December 22- All work is due in order to qualify for the 6th grade incentive day

December 23- Incentive Day 6th Grade

December 24- No School

January 5- Welcome Back!

7th Grade Courage Retreat

The Courage Retreat was on Thursday where the 3 R's were expected- be respectful, take risks, and be real. This was a powerful retreat and I am so grateful that I got to participate in it this year. I am very proud of all of our students-especially those that chose to share their act of courage with the whole group. Have a chat with your child about what they chose their act of courage to be.

6th Grade Incentive Day Reminder

This is a repeat from last weeks newsletter.

On Tuesday, December 23, we will be offering an incentive for students who have completed all of their work, are not failing any classes, and/or have any outstanding detentions. Students will be able to bring money to purchase refreshments if they so choose and the money collected will be donated to a local charity. Please understand all students have been made aware of this and any students who do not meet the above requirements will be given an opportunity to get caught up. In order to participate in this incentive, the requirements will need to be met prior to December 23. This is a scheduled school day and attendance is expected.

Thanks for all of your time and support.

Sixth Grade Teachers