English Course Update

Mrs. Gardner - 3/24/16

In This Issue ...

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Please Check Your Grades!

All Grades have been updated as of the 3/24/16 Due Date.

I have put in 0s for missing work. When you see a 0, be sure to look in the gradebook to see when that assignment was due. Students have 3 school days (5 days total) to submit work.

It is the responsibility of the student to review their grades and notify me if there are any issues in a timely manner.

Work that was submitted this week is being graded. Submitted work does not have a 0.

If you see this image in your gradebook - you are missing an assignment from 3/24.

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NO work can be accepted after May 3rd

Final Exam Info

All material for the final exam is covered in the course.

Please study prior tests/quizzes, readings, review activities, and vocabulary that are in the course currently.

GaVS Final Exams will open at 12:01 AM on May 4th and close at 11:59 PM on May 5th.
Students will have ONE attempt - to be completed in ONE sitting. Do not exit and reenter.
Final exams (for English) will have 60 questions and 90 minutes (standard).
Exam questions will be matching, multiple choice, and true/false.

* Be sure that you have enough time to complete the exam. The exam will close at 11:59 PM on May 5th, whether you are finished or not. Take the exam early enough that you can call Mrs. Gardner if there is some type of issue during your test.
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The GAVS late work policy looks like this...

Turn in all work, even if it is for a 30% deduction. It is always better to have a reduced percentage, compared to a ZERO. TURN IN WORK! Please remember that late work cannot be accepted after the Tuesday following the due date.
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Please Check the Files You Submit to the Dropbox for (1) Correct File Type and (2) Correct File

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Grading Policies

* Dropbox items should be graded within 72 hours.
* Quizzes should be graded within 72 hours.

* Discussions may or may not be graded before the due date. Sometimes, I grade early and students may add more discussions before the due date. However, generally, discussions are graded ON or AFTER a due date. All 3 of the required posts to a discussion board must be complete by the discussion board's due date. Additional posts are not accepted after the due date. Please see the image below for more clarification.

* The discussion guidelines below exist because assignments are expected to be complete at the time of submission. A partially completed post at the due date is the equivalent of a partially submitted dropbox item.
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Student Code of Conduct

Remember that ALL student work is expected to be original.
This applies to students who are taking a course for the first time.
This applies to students who are retaking a course for a second time.
Work should be original EVERY semester.

* If you use ANY other sources, you must cite them. Failure to do so is plagiarism.
* Do not reuse work from a previous class or semester and submit as current work.
* Do not copy and paste from websites without proper MLA citations & works cited page.
* You MUST use IN-TEXT citations as you write. Do not just put a list of URLs at the bottom of your page.


1. You must submit new work for a course, even if you have taken the course before. Do not reuse old work.
2. Do not copy and paste without citing your sources in MLA format.
3. Ask me if you have questions about this policy.
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Contact Me with Questions

If you have questions or concerns. These are the fastest ways to contact me (in order):
1. email
2. text
3. phone call
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