Charles Duryea

Building the first american car

Charles Duryea is the one who built so much

Charles Duryea was born in December 25, 1862 in Canton, Illinois, United States.

Fun fact: Did you know that Frank Duryea was Charles brother!!!

If you are wondering if he had kids or got married, it was not found in research. I can answer that Charles Duryea died on September 28,1938. Charles Duryea was 76 when he died. I know it tragic.

On the good side, he was most known for building the first American car in 1893.


Charles Duryea was the boy who people look up to even today. But on the other hand, Charles Duryea put more polution in the roads and air. I technely agree with both sides because he made traveling easier but he pet polution all around us.

Some of the Greatest memories to every one

Do you want answers are amazing

How did Charles Duryea changed our world? What did you learn about Charles Duryea?

  • Charles Duryea designed the first street car with the help of his brother
  • Showed that you can do anything when you believe in yourself
  • Gave me and you the oppertunity to experince the electric street c