Super Copper to the Rescue!

The superhero that gets her power from the element copper.

Super Copper's Supernatural Abilities

  • She has hair that is made of tiny peaces of copper that can be wired into computers to gain information.
  • She can bend in all sorts of unnatural ways.
  • She can conduct lightening through her hair and fingers.
  • She can also conduct small amounts of heat.
  • She has lived forever and is ancient.
  • She is incredibly beautiful and can fool you with her beauty.
  • She turns a rusty green when she is badly injured.
  • She sinks when she is in water and cannot swim at all.
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The Element of Copper

  • Characteristics- Copper has a reddish/brownish metallic luster and is malleable. Copper has high electrical conductivity and a small amount of heat conductivity.
  • Important Uses- Copper is used for electrical wires, architecture, and everyday items such as pots and jewelry.
  • History- Copper has been used since ancient times. It was used in alchemy and was sacred to the pagan goddess Aphrodite because of the metal's beauty. The Romans use it as money at one point. Copper utensils that have been found date back all the way to 9000 B.C. The date of which the discovery of copper happened is unknown, but the scientists give the credit to the ancient people.
  • Protons: 29 Neutrons: 35 Electrons : 29
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