Beach Erosion

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Main Issues

1. The lose of land

2. The damage it gives to humans

Negative Effects on The Environment

This is a few things beach erosion can effect. They are effect the environment, wildlife, regions, cities, and people.
SeaTalk - Beach Replenishment

Main Region that is Affected

The main region that is affected is the Gulf Coast. The southern states are losing a lot of land from erosion. For example, Louisiana has lost over 1,900 square miles of wetlands, and Louisiana is still losing 25 to 30 square miles each years.

How are Wildlife Affected?

There are many animals and plants that are affected by beach erosion. Some of them that are affected is birds, fish, shellfish, deer, and many native plants.

What Wildlife is Most effected?

Birds are beginning to migrate further north then usual which is causing birds to repopulate. Beach erosion is also causing problems for the critical nursery that are habitats for fish and shellfish. Deer are evacuate toward

Affects on League City

League City is not affected by beach erosion. There is a possibility that beach erosion can get to League City but it is going to take a long, long time unless we try to slow down beach erosion.

Affects on People

Beach erosion can affected people from damaging our property. This can damage the foundation your house. Your house can break which could hurt someone.
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What is the Cause?

The cause of beach erosion is waves hitting and moving sand further away from land and not returning the same amount of sand back.

Preventing Beach Erosion

1. Use recycle Christmas trees to slow down the flow of moving sand in the water.

2. Planting vegetation is major part of preventing erosion.

3. Putting sandbags and sand fences that helps start making sand dunes.

4. Making man made sand dunes.

Theses are a few ways that we can prevent beach erosion. We can't completely stop erosion, but we can slow it down. The only thing is that trying to prevent beach erosion can also make it worse. For example, man made sand dunes aren't as strong as naturally made dunes.

Beach Replenishment Underway at Long Beach Island

New Solution

We could add more sand to the wetland and plant mangroves to try to help replenish the wetland that was lost. This solution wouldn't be an easy task. It would take lots of money and volunteers. There's a possibility that this project would have to be repeated, but I think that every time we do replenish the wetland, that beach erosion taken, the wetland could be getting stronger.

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