Mi escula en Peru

Escrita por Emily Garland

Questions About The Schools In Peru

    1. ¿Dónde está la escuela?

    La escuela está en Perú

    1. ¿Cuál es la capital de Perú?

    2. La capital es Lime

    ¿Cuántos estudiantes hay en la clase?

    En la clase de Perú hay diecisiete estudiantes.

    1. ¿Qué objetos hay en la sala de clase?

    2. En la clase hay mesas de escritorio de pizarra de carteles de blanco bord de la bandera

    1. ¿A qué hora empiezan las clases en Perú?

    2. Las clases en Perú empiezan a las son las ocho

    1. ¿A qué hora terminan las clases en Perú?

    2. Las clases en Perú terminan a las son las dos

    1.¿De qué color es tu clase?

    2.El color de la clase en Perú es café

    1. ¿Cuál es tu clase favorita?

    2.Mi clase favorita es clase de inglés

    1.¿Qué clase no te gusta?

    2.La clase que no me gusta es clase de gimnasia

    1.¿Te gusta las escuelas de Latinoamérica? Porque?

    2.Me gustan las clases en Latinoamérica porque son interesantes

    1. ¿Qué materias estudian los estudiantes en esta escuela? Lista todas las materias

    • las matemáticas

    • el inglés

    • la historia

    • el español

    1. ¿Cómo es la clase, es grande o pequeña?

    2.Las clases en Perú son médium

Here are some pictures of kids at school

More Information

Interesting facts

  • The inventor of the first modern rocket propulsion system was a Peruvian named Pedro Paulet.
  • Peru has 1625 types of orchids of-which 425 can be found growing naturally close to Machu Picchu. The Inkaterra Hotel in Machu Picchu has South America’s largest privately owned collection at 500 varieties.
  • Cusco in Peru was the most important city in the whole of the Inca Empire, and governed as far north as Quito in Ecuador and as far south as Santiago in Chile.
  • Cotahuasi Canyon in the Arequipa region is considered one of the world’s deepest canyon at 3,535 meters (11,597 feet) deep – twice as deep as the Grand Canyon USA.
  • The potato is originally from Peru, and there are over 3,000 different varieties.

Where Is Peru

This picture shows a map of where Peru is and its capitol.

Quesions Of Inquiriy

  • How might the experience of going to school in another country be different from going to school in the US?
School might be diffrent because in the spanish school you would learn spanish grammer, spelling ,and writing before you learned english.

  • What would the ideal school look like in the 21st century?
The spanish school would have around 15 tables and desks, the walls and floors would be brown, and there would be educational posters and a flag on the walls

  • Is it better to attend school in a Spanish/French-speaking country rather than in the U.S?
I would rather go to school in a school in the U.S. because you can have more options about what classes we take and because there is more options