Satchel Paige

Learn about Satchel Paige! By: Owen Hawkins

Who Was Satchel Paige?

Satchel Paige was born on July 7, 1906 in Mobile, Alabama. Satchel’s parents were John and Lulu Paige, and their kids are John Junior, Wilson, Julia, Ellen, Ruth, Emma Lee, Clarence, Inez, Palestine, and Lulu the baby. Leroy Robert “Satchel” Paige was his real name. Satchel Paige married Janet Howard on October 26, 1934. On June 8, 1982, Satchel died in Kansas City, Missouri.

What did he do?

He got his nickname from his job which was his responsibility as a child, to bring satchel trees to the house.

He pitched for many teams. He started the idea for black people to enter into the M.L.B. or Major League Baseball! We honor him because he was an All-Star in baseball, and broke many Negro League records. Satchel Paige was the most famous Negro League showman. A showman in baseball is someone who is gifted in presenting baseball in front of people. He was the best pitcher in the Negro League.

Impact on the world?

Satchel’s efforts made opportunities for black people. He started the idea for Negroes to enter into the M.L.B. and helped Jackie Robinson change peoples’ minds about black people. He hated segregation, and tried to stop it. He proved black people could play with or against white people.

Should we more like him?

Satchel liked to brag about his skills. Satchel got into rock fights and went to military school. Overall, Satchel wasn't a bad man. He just liked to win. He wanted to stay entertained but his choices weren't always the best.

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