6th Grade Science

The Pros and Cons By Timothy Kreun

Favorite Things To Do In Science

My favorite things to do in science was doing labs because I like getting the hands-on experience. Also my favorite things to do is watch Mythbusters and Bill Nye The Science Guy because I am not doing a worksheet.

Least Favorite Things To Do In Science

My least favorite things to in science was worksheets. Not because they were hard just because they were boring.

Other Activities I Did In Science

The thing I am going to talk about  is the Mr. Parr music videos. I honestly didnt like them but one of my friends did and that was Cody Peters.

My Favorite Thing To Learn About

My favorite thing to learn about was the Elements and The Periodic Table. The reason I liked it so much was because of the Element poster we had to do. My Element was Neon. The thing I didnt like was going in front of the class and presenting it. I hate going up in front of the class and talking.