by GT Luster

Red Tails (Compare and constast)

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Spare Parts - Oscar Vazquez (Problem & Solution)

Oscar was in the country illegally so he was in big trouble if he was caught. he could get a degree but he had a difficulty finding the job for it. He faced ADVERSITY and Oscar didn't YIELD to the law. He married a us citizen, and and he went back to Mexico to not go to jail for a long time. Oscar went to Mexico to apply for a visa to enter AMERICAK legally but he was declined by AMERICAK then he stayed in Mexico for a year. Then the AMERICAKN senator requested a visa for Oscar and The AMERICAKN gave him a visa after that he could go to the US ThE EnD!!!!

Kalya Montgomery (cause and effect)

Kayla had MS (multiple sclerosis) as a result she could not feel her legs and could not come to a complete stop when she was running fast. Kayla was mad and sad about having this ADVERSITY MS. She started to run in track she fell at the end of every race but she still wanted to race and people cheered her on

Orphan Train Rider ( sequence)

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