sustainable café owner

Green Careers


If you work 40 hours a week you may get 15,000- 18,000. It all depends on how popular you are.

Education Needed

Some of the things you will need is a nursing degree. Another thing that you will need is a A-level grade in HIgh school.

How does the environment relate to the job

Some of the things that you can do is make the inside of the store all reyeciled items and wall paper. You can make organic supplies like napkins and cups. You can also use organic coffee.


One of the advantages is that you can have live music or aplaylist on every night.

You can always met new people and make a lot of food.


One of the disadvantages is that you have to stay up long hours and work with rude costumers.

Job description

- You make coffee and tea

-you make food and other foods

-You have to be able to fire and hire people

-Make a playlist and such

-cook food and clean