Technology Class

By Alex Krawczyk

Typing Web

It is very fun because I learned to type better. I type much faster now and i memorized the keyboard. I think the best part of the website is the game nitro type. You type as fast as you can to make your car go faster.


It was a good website because you really got to show about yourself. People really got to learn about you and you family . You got to show yourself and your home and you brothers and sisters too.

Career Locker

I thought Career Locker was good because you get to learn about your future. It helped me find out about my Dream Job. I learned a little bit about money and peoples salary.

Haiku Deck

Haiku deck was good because I thought it was a good way to present something. Plus other people got to learn about my dream job. I got to learn about other peoples dream jobs too.

Explain Everything

It was a good site if you wanted to explain a lot of stuff and show people how to do it. Plus if you wanted to speak you had to speak loud and clearly. it is another way to present stuff.

Hour of Code.

I learned how to code Flappy bird and and Angry Birds. It was very fun too. it helped me how to code other games too.

Email Etiquite

I learned how to type an email good. We got to use iPads. it helped me do an email on the iPads.