Bixby Newsletter #9 Sept. 26-30

Go Wildcats

Dreambox and Lexia Support

Please make sure that our "Bixby Wildcat" is working on these two programs everyday! This will help us prepare our students to be at Grade Level or above at the end of the 22-23 School Year!


Mr. Harrington

Bixby 2022-2023 Membership Drive - PTO

Congrats to Mrs. Hernandez 100%

and Mrs. Conci 94% of her families signing up for PTO Membership...

These two classes will be having a "Pizza Party" and "Movie" this upcoming Week!

Thanks to all our families supporting our School!

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Learning About Native American Heritage

Native American Heritage - HISTORY

WebCommemorate Native American Heritage Month by learning about Native American cultures, contributions and centuries of history and achievement.

A Guide to Land Acknnowledgement (Links to an external site.)

Grades 6-12

The Removal of Muscogee Nation (Links to an external site.)

Indian Nations vs. Settlers (Links to an external site.)

Susan La Flesche Picotte (Links to an external site.)

Grades 3-12

Pomo Genocide (Links to an external site.)

Manhattan, New York (Links to an external site.)

Grades 5-7

Hiawatha (Links to an external site.)

Grades K-6 (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Data Confirmation - 41 Students to Go!. 9-24-22

Data Confirmation Step-by-Step Process

Step 1 Create an email if one does not have any email account.

Step 2 Login to Aeries Parent Portal via the Baldwin Academy website at find the Aeries Parent Portal Link

Step 3 Once on the Parent Portal Site enter your email address listed above

Step 4 Enter the password you created. If you forgot your password or never created, one click forgot password link and follow directions emailed to your email account.

Step 5 Find highlighted area for Data Confirmation and follow the click here link.

Step 6 View the 7 sections of Data Confirmation and be sure to click the confirm and continue button in each section.

1. Family

2. Student

3. Contacts

4. Medical History

5. Documents

6. Authorizations

7. Final Data Confirmation

Step 7 Once all sections are completed you will have confirmed your child’s data for the 2022/2023 school year.

If you have any questions during the data confirmation process please contact the office for assistance. Thank you for updating your child’s information.


Mr. Harrington

Bixby Elementary

(626) 933-8201

The Week Of September 26-30, 2022

Rosh Hashanah 9-(25-27)-22

Make Up Picture Day Thursday October 6. 2022

Monday 9-26-22

Dreambox and Lexia Usage at Home

Grades 1+2 Turn in Fieldtrip Permission Slips (AnnieJr) Play

Grades 3-5 Turn in Fieldtrip Permission Slips (Rodeo)

Tuesday 9-27-22

Dreambox and Lexia Usage at Home

Wednesday 9-28-22

Mid-Week Check by parent on Dreambox and Lexia.

Student should be at 3-4 lessons for Dreambox and about 40-60 minutes for Lexia.

Access These programs through Classlink: Login (

Dreambox - How to check Dreambox Lessons - YouTube

Lexia - 10 second Lexia check! - YouTube

Thursday 9-29-22

College Attire

Dreambox and Lexia Usage at Home

Friday 9-30-22

Spirit Wear Day

Dreambox and Lexia Usage at Home

Bixby Elementary September -Students of the Month


Perfect Attendance “Extra Recess”

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36th Annual Industry Hills Pro Rodeo at Industry Hills Expo Center

36th Annual Industry Hills Pro Rodeo at Industry Hills Expo Center

Sat., Oct 8 – Gates open 4:00pm – Rodeo at 6:00pm & Concert at 9:00pm

Sun., Oct 9 – Gates open 12:00pm at Rodeo 2:00pm

Tickets at

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Attendance is so Important!

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Attendance Policies & Procedures at Bixby

In order for each student to receive the education to which they are entitled, every student must be here on time every day. The law requires students to attend school on time every day. Absences shall be classified as follows:

· Excused absence ‑ absence for proper causes are listed in the California Education Code for illness, medical, dental, or optometry appointments, funeral services (immediate family, extending to grandparents), quarantine (under direction of County or City Health officer).

· Unexcused absence ‑ absence that occurs with the knowledge and approval of parents or guardian, but for reasons that, though not acceptable under state law, are not considered truancy.

· Truancy‑ absence that is intentional, a planned violation of State attendance law. Students who are habitually absent or tardy may receive a referral to the District’s Student Attendance Review Board (SARB).

Returning to School after an Absence

Please call the school office at (626) 933-8201 when your child will be absent. We also request a note for legal purposes as note is also required upon re-entry. Parents have three school days to clear the student’s absence. After three days, it automatically becomes an UNEXCUSED absence. Students must bring a doctor’s note if they were absent from school for more than 5 days due to illness. The note must include four items :( 1) the date of absence, (2) specific reason for absence, (3) name of student, and (4) signature of parent or guardian.

In case of illness, assignments may be requested through the school office. Please allow one (1) day for this material to be collected from the teachers. When a student is absent for an extended time, a homework buddy from each class should be contacted to obtain assignments.

Plan Ahead, to limit students missing school. School Holidays 22-23

Veterans’ Day …………………November 11, 2022

Thanksgiving Holiday................November 21-25, 2022

Winter Break..............................December 19-January 1, 2022/23

School Recess Day......................January 2, 2023

Return to School .........................January 3, 2023

Martin Luther King, Jr…………January 16, 2023

President Lincoln Day……………,,, February 13, 2023

President’s Day ... ……………..February 20, 2023

Parent Conference Week …........February 27 - March 3, 2023

Spring Break ...............................April 3-7, 2023

Last Day of School ...................,. May 18, 2023

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Rosh Hashanah means literally “head of the year” in Hebrew.

The year 5783 in the Jewish calendar begins at sundown on Sunday, Sept. 25, with in-person Rosh Hashanah 2022 services at most San Diego-area congregations.

Blowing the shofar at Congregation Beth Israel in La Jolla. Image courtesy Beth Israel© Provided by Times of San Diego

Congregation Beth Israel, the largest Jewish congregation in San Diego and the oldest in Southern California, is holding services in a “mask optional/friendly environment” at its sanctuary and streaming them online for those concerned about COVID-19.

Rosh Hashanah means literally “head of the year” in Hebrew. It marks the beginning of a 10-day period of prayer, self-examination, and repentance ending with Yom Kippur, which is known as the Day of Atonement.

The year begins at sundown because the ancient Jewish calendar is based on phases of the moon.

Customs observed on Rosh Hashanah include sounding the shofar, a musical instrument made from a ram’s horn, and eating apples and honey for a sweet new year.

Tashlich, another practice associated with Rosh Hashanah, is a ceremony in which Jews symbolically cast away their sins by tossing pieces of bread into a flowing body of water, with many congregations meeting at local beaches.

The Jewish Federation of San Diego County provides an online listing of local congregations offering 2021 high holiday services.

Rodeo Trip October 7, 2022 for Grades 3-5 Please Return Field Trip Notice!

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Performing Arts Trip to see the Play Annie Jr. October 7, 2022 Grades 1+2 Please Return Field Trip Notice!

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Upcoming Field Trips and Parent Volunteers

Upcoming trips will need Parent Volunteers! Please be in contact with your student's Teacher.


We encourage parents and guardians of our school community to donate their time to make a meaningful difference in our classrooms. All parents working in the classroom must be cleared annually by the office and school district. Please make see the office manager for more information regarding volunteering.

Dreambox Top Users for Bixby Elementary from 8-3-22 to 9-22-22

These students are setting the pace for an amazing year of growth

Very Impressed that our top 2 Users are TK Students. AMAZING!

Thank you Families for the Support!

Dreambox Top Users - Amazing Job! From 8-3 to 9-22-22

Student First Name Teacher

Giorgino Lee


Serena Guzman


Dylan Hernandez


Isaac Hernandez


Jayden Hernandez


Ivan Barrier


Lucas Lee


Joshua Huynh


Liam Hernandez


Ayden Hernandez


Texh Support for Families

To support our students with technology, if you have any issue that come up please call

(626) 933-1111 or email Help Desk <>

Here is the link to have the Tech walk you through the Issues.

Remote Tech Support (

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22-23 School Year


• As a Bixby School student, I know I am the main person in charge of my education.

• Today is a new day and I will do my best to act with responsibility.

• If I want to be respected, I know I need to show respect to others.

• I am an important person with high goals for myself.

• I will not let myself or my community down.

• Determination + Discipline + Hard work will = Success.

About Us!

Bixby is a TK-5 school located in the base of Hacienda Heights in the San Gabriel Valley. Bixby Elementary serves 260 students in grades TK through Five.