Room 6 Bimonthly Newsletter

March 17, 2014


Hello, Room 6 Families! We missed your sweet students while they were gone over Spring Break and look forward to hearing about all of their adventures. This week will be an exciting one! We begin our new independent pair work this week. Students are paired with another student in class and there are eleven work stations. Students will cycle through each station throughout the next couple of weeks alongside their partner. There are six literacy stations and five math stations. The hope with this new procedure is that students are becoming more independent in preparation for Kindergarten, which is just around the corner! We will be visiting a kindergarten classroom this week to show students what it looks like!

This week we are reading Cat's Day, Kitten for the Day, Kitten, and Tessa's Tip-Tapping Toes. We will also begin doing some work with poetry. If you have any good poems to share, Room 6 would love to hear them! Students will actually be writing their own poems in preparation for Poem in Your Pocket Day. They will write their own poems and then perform for their classmates.

On Thursday, we will be having a guest in our classroom sharing about St. Patrick's Day. George's grandmother has a friend who is Irish and who will give us a presentation about Ireland, read an Irish folk tale, and do some Irish dancing. This will be an exciting event and I know your students will be excited to share what they saw!

Ms. Haley will be getting married on March 22nd, which is this Saturday! She will be out this Friday and the whole following week. She will be at the PACT on Friday, but will be leaving after that. The substitute teacher who is coming to work in Room 6 is named Greg Davis. He is a retired teacher who we are very excited to have work with us!

***WE WILL KEEP SHEETS THIS WEEK SINCE WE WILL ONLY BE RESTING TWO DAYS NEXT WEEK (this is due to early release on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (March 26-March 28). Sheets will be sent home on Tuesday, March 25th.***


We will have a PACT on Friday starting at 7:40 a.m. We are looking forward to seeing you all there!! Our PACT will be focused on Math and we will specifically be working with measurement (bigger, smaller, etc.). Please let us know if you have any questions!