The Kayapo Tribe


The kayapo tribe conserve the largest of the tropical rainforest under some form of protection by them. Their land spans about 11 million hectares. The kayapo lives around the Xingu river, eastern part of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. In their several scattered villages consits one hundred to one thousand people. In 2010 their population was 8638 and since then has slowly increased. Their language is Kayapo also known as Mebengokre.


  • The Kayapo get medicine from 650 different plants that they find throughout their territory.
  • Using global media and international attention, the Kayapo people have established political power over their own land.
  • Mining and logging threatened to destroy the rainforest, and thus their way of life.
  • Kayapo use a system of shifting cultivation, a type of farming where land is only cultivated for a couple of years.