M.C. Escher

Amanda Hull

M.C. Escher Himself

M.C. Escher is a very famous man that illustrated books, created pictures for postage stamps and made portraits. Like the picture to the left of himself. Escher mostly gets his fame from his tessellations. He created them to make them seem impossible. Such as never ending stair cases or buildings with twists and turns.

Escher's Tessellations

The tessellations that Escher had made seemed unreal but he had used some techniques to get them that way. The main technique uses translations, to move or slide to a different location, and rotations, to turn around an axis to make the pieces fit. First, you cut out a square from a sheet of paper. Second, take the square and cut a design on one side and paste it on the opposite side. Finally, trace the design on a sheet of paper connecting the designs. Escher used this technique to make his tessellations.