The Incas were located in...

The Incas were located in Timwaku, Brazil. They had a warm climate and some of the major physical features were the mountains.

Famous leaders, trade partners, & Major battles.

The famous leaders were the emperors, kings and nobles. The highest in the Inca royalty was the Inca Kings. Some of the biggest battles the Incas had were Abancay, Maule, Chupas, Cuzco, Puna, & Quipaipan. The Incas also had several trading partners. Some of them include the Mayahs, Toltecs, and Aztecs.
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Major Natural resources, & roles of men & women.

Some of the biggest resources that the Incas had were wood, oil & water. The men married at 20, the Woman married at 16. The upper and lower classes all had education.
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Clothing, Food, Religion, & Worldly Impact.

Their clothing was mainly made out of wool and tocapoo. They were mainly vegetarians and very rarely ate meat. They worshiped nature gods and goddesses. They impacted the world because they taught people how to survive with no technology.
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