Core Curriculum

Assessments Subcommittee


Below is a link to the informal minutes of the meeting that was hosted last Friday at the EDC building at 10:30 a.m. Thanks to everyone who attended especially considering the bad weather. In addition to the minutes there are also some postings by subcommittee members which were made after the close of the meeting via email. Please be on the lookout for a poll which will go out shortly which will help us schedule our next subcommittee meeting.

From now on, any new documents that the committee drafts will be deposited in this folder so that members don't have to go hunt down the documents in their email inboxes. If you have a document or some web links to share please let me know by email and they will be uploaded to this same folder. My recommendation is to have this link bookmarked on your computer.

Best Regards,

Richard Gosselin

Economics Program Coordinator

Houston Community College

Board Member, National Economics Teaching Association

713-718-7638 (Office)

832-257-2592 (Cell)