All About Me!

By: Zack Somershoe

Bike Riding=Fun

When I am vacationing, I love to bike ride. I love to bike ride in the mountains so that I can have fun and see beautiful things at the same time. I also like to bike ride in my neighborhood and in parks when it is really nice out!

Cooking is so fun

I love to cook basically anything! If my mom asks me to make dinner, I actually go online to find a fancy recipe. I love it when the recipe comes out perfect. My family likes it when I cook because all they have to eat. Haha!

I have 1 dog and 3 cats

I have gone to many states on the east coast

Vacationing is the best!

I have gone to every state on the east coast. I have also been to Virginia. I have gone to Virginia about 5 times, and we have gone to Bush Gardens every time. I also loved it when our family went to Disney Word, and when my friend Riley, my family, my moms friends family and I went to New Hampshire.

I love apple

I have an apple iPhone 5 and an apple iPad 3. Apple is my favorite computer software. If I could afford one, I would have a Mac and a Mac book Pro. IOS 7 is coming out next week, and that is the most advanced computer software in the world. I love my iPhone and iPad.