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Inspire School of Arts & Sciences is the #1 rated high school in Chico, CA and the only high school in Northern California that specializes in providing an immersive educational experience in the arts and sciences. As we celebrate Inspire’s 10-year anniversary, we’d like to share what makes this school a model learning environment, a beacon for the arts and sciences in the North State, an institution facing an extraordinary challenge, and a cause worth supporting...

What makes Inspire School of Arts & Sciences unique?

  • Striving for excellence. Inspire has the #1 ranking in English Language Acquisition (ELA), Math and Science state test scores for Chico, CA area schools, with the highest rate of high school graduates.

  • Transcending traditional learning. Inspire offers over 80 electives and 12 majors to its students, creating an award-winning educational experience that prepares young leaders to expand and achieve their dreams.

  • Producing world-class performances. Patrons often walk away from Inspire productions in awe that this level of talent has come from high school students.
    “I have been attending Broadway Shows in New York for 30 years and after watching Oklahoma by Inspire, I now know where I can see performances of that caliber.” - Connie, Butte County resident

  • Creating hands-on experiences. Inspire School of Arts & Sciences offers the most diverse range of engineering courses of any school in the North State. Students work in teams to design and test solutions, they’re empowered to develop in-demand, transportable skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

  • Pushing boundaries. Science students are encouraged to think outside the box leading students to explore how to create a system to recycle all the plastic on campus into usable items, work with a scientist on the east coast to develop a powder to regenerate limbs, and building a suitcase sized solar battery that was delivered to villagers in Tanzania to provide light and joy during a dark African night.

For the past 10 years, Inspire has been operating in a less than ideal situation - in portables behind another high school.

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Since the beginning, Inspire has had a vision for moving to a new site. They learned that they were eligible for Prop 51 funds from the state of California, which provides matching funds up to $10 million if they can garner $10 million in contributions of their own. However, the 2018 Camp Fire that devastated the community burned a quarter of the Inspire student’s homes and increased the poverty level of Inspire families, quickly redirecting the staff’s efforts to meeting the fundamental needs of families. Then, in the same month that the Inspire Foundation was launching their first capital campaign to build their new school, the COVID-19 global pandemic caused the closure of thousands of local businesses, leading to another tragedy that has had serious impacts on the North State economy.

Now, Inspire has just a year and a half to raise $10 million in order to receive the matching funds from the state to build their new school, and we need your help in this effort. You, our valued supporter, can be part of making this vision a reality and building a lasting legacy for the arts and sciences in this rural area of Northern California.

With your financial support, Inspire School of Arts & Sciences will fulfill our core values of honoring the voices, talents and passions of young people; ensuring each student feels seen, heard and supported; maintaining high expectations for learning rooted in critical thinking, innovation, and creativity; celebrating and nurturing relationships and building community with kindness, compassion and success for all students; and cultivating a staff commitment to professionalism, shared leadership, and student-centered learning.


  • Donate matching funds for a certain time period or up to a certain amount. The Inspire Foundation will set up a page with your logo and your terms. Every time someone donates, they get notified that you matched the donation.

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  • Create your own donation page. You upload your logo, tell a bit about why you want to help, and set up the funding goal. The Foundation gives you your own URL to share and make updates to your page to keep the excitement going.

  • Donate items or services for a giveaway. Do you have something you can donate to the cause? We know that people are more likely to donate when they are enticed with getting a gift for their donation. If we have something to offer in a giveaway, we can offer these for everyone who donates a certain amount or between certain time periods. For example, the next 200 people who donate $200 get a Klean Kanteen as a thank you.

Any one of these options includes your logo with a link to your website on our site - - as well as social recognition on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Funding Inspire High School means supporting the vision and mission of encouraging students to be their best selves. The new school will include a state-of-the-art theatre complex, industry standard digital and media arts studios, industry standard science and engineering labs, creative maker spaces to celebrate the intersection of art and science, and state-of-the-art classrooms and collaborative spaces designed to encourage creative thinking across all subject matter.

To make this vision a reality, our dedicated students and staff need your help. Contribute to our campaign today, and let us create a lasting impact on the arts and sciences together.


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Development Director

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