three different rocks just for you!

The Rock Cycle

The rock cycle is the cycle of rocks, and shows how rocks are formed. The Rock cycle works like this: A rock can start anywhere in the rock cycle. Let's assume it starts as magma. As magma, it cools into igneous rock, where it can then either melt into magma again, or it can be weathered i to sediment, or it can go through heat AND pressure and become metamorphic. let's assume it goes into sediment. sediment is then compacted into sedimentary rock, where it can then go under heat and pressure and become metamorphic rock, or it can be weathered and eroded back into sediment. if if becomes metamorphic rock, it can weathered and eroded back into sediment, or it can melt back into magma.


Marble is a smooth, white metamorphic rock found most often in the mountainous areas of Spain, Italy, Germany, and Canada. It is formed when Limestone and dolostone.
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Obsidian is a glassy, pitch black Igneous rock, which is formed when felsic lavas cool rapidly. Obsidian is found in Armenia, Canada, Chile, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Peru, U.S.A, Argentina. Obsidian is a volcanic glass.
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Sandstone is (per the name sandstone) a sand-like sedimentary rock. It is made up of sand and other sediments, once they are compressed together. Sandstone is found in deserts and places where small seas used to be. It is most commonly found in the Arabian desert, the Sahara desert, and the Australian desert.