Pennsylvania is the place to live!

We have free religion.

We welcome you to our humble abode. Yes, your religion too!

We welcome you to the best Middle Colony there is! We know that not everyone is a Puritan type of person, so that's why we have free religion for people like you! This is the sole reason that William Penn founded Pennsylvania in 1682, to give a home to free religion! William Penn founded Pennsylvania with a fresh, unique idea in mind (free religion) and that is what sets us apart from the rest of the colonies! Without him, Pennsylvania would not be the beautiful place it is today! (Haven't you ever wondered it's called Pennsylvania? I'll give you a hint-- King Charles II! He named Pennsylvania in the charter.) Could you imagine living anywhere else, where there isn't free religion? That would be such a horrible place to stay. Additionally, all the other colonies seem to be all work and no play, but we're both lenient on work and successful here at Pennsylvania! Do you know what's better than tobacco? I'll tell you-- constant flow of water and beautiful rich soil! We live on North America's Atlantic coast, so we have so much water that humongous boats dock here at Pennsylvania! There's so much land to farm on, it's almost ridiculous. The summers are just the right amount of warm, and the winters are favorable! The climate is extremely beneficial to farming! Oh, and we didn't forget about the women! In New England where the Puritans are for example, women are expected to just sit around and do household chores. Not here! Here, women can also farm on our land! Women can write wills and manage their land how they like. Women can actually own their clothes, unlike those English women. Women are considered anything but weak here! Also, We have talented, skilled people like you here who are the reason why we're so incredibly strong industrially! Since we're so industrially strong, we export our agricultural and organic items when trading, as well as export metals, irons, and things of that nature!

Even though William Penn founded this wonderful place we call home...

Actually, before Penn even set foot on Pennsylvania, the first European settlers to settle here were the Dutch, English, and the Swedish! I don't blame them, because Pennsylvania was amazing even before William Penn! They settled because there was amazing amounts and quality of land, as well as plentiful wild animals such as deer.

Get to know Pennsylvania!

So, as stated above, the Swedish,English, and Dutch were the first to settle because of the good land. (However, before them, many Indian tribes settled!) The Swedish, English, and Dutch had disagreements on the topic of Pennsylvanian land property, though. Minuit, the head of the Sweden group at the time, then wanted to colonize Pennsylvania. He did end up colonizing west Pennsylvania, which he then called New Sweden, but the Dutch prevented him from making further progress by attacking New Swede (Pennsylvania). On the other hand, King Charles II of England owed William Penn's father. In result, William Penn was granted this beautiful chunk of land, that became to be known as Pennsylvania! He wanted the land for the Quakers, who did not succumb to the Puritan requirements. After ensuring free religion in Pennsylvania, people flocked to Pennsylvania to practice whatever religion they pleased. The area between New England and Virginia was known as Pennsylvania!
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