End of the Medieval Era

December 15-19

Medieval Era Exam

As I've already touched in class, I design each unit to fit within a period of history:
  • Ancient Cultures (done!)
  • Medieval Era (done-ish)
  • Proto-Renaissance & Renaissance (2nd quarter, very beginning of 3rd quarter)
  • Baroque & the Age of Enlightenment (3rd quarter)
  • Industrial Revolution (3rd quarter)
  • Age of Global Conflict (4th quarter)
  • Age of Post-Colonialism (4th quarter)

These don't exactly jive with the quarters and semesters of the high school schedule. We don't have a semester final for the week of finals. If I scheduled an exam it would cut into Renaissance Art at an unnatural place. We will do Image IDs the week finals for the Units covered at that point. With all this in mind, the Medieval Art Exam, Themes Across Art History, and the Notebook Check 2 will be some of the final big high point assignments we have for the end of the semester.

Winter Break Assignment

Over break you will be required to complete the Proto-Renaissance Units on Haiku. Unit 15 is Florentine Art. Unit 16 is Sienese Art. Both units focus on painting and occur at the same time, but each Italian city develops their own distinctive style. These unit will be published to Haiku on Friday.
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This Week's Short Film: Lil' Red

"Lil Red" by Cale Atkinson | Disney Favorite