Tec(a)h to Learn

Integrating technology into the classroom

February 2016

Every month I will be spotlighting technology to use in the classrooms. Ask me if you want me to help you integrate it! :)

This month a few of the sites I found could be used at multiple grade levels, so I did not separate that by individual buildings. The headings will still show what grade levels to make it easier to find what could apply to your classroom. I also focused on research at various levels.

Any Age

Power My Learning

How you use this site will depend on your grade level. High school and middle school kids may be able to go more on their own and search for research. However, high school and middle school teachers can also use this as whole-class lessons - just like elementary could - to provide added support for a lesson. This site allows you to search by keyword, grade level, and subject. It contains videos and other activities from sites such as PBS.

Any Age

Copyright Free Photos

Probably more for middle school and high school, although Washington students could probably use this site with a little more direction and help, this site searches for pictures that are legal to use in presentations and assignments.

Any Age

This site would be especially good for videos you want to show the students, but I could see it being used at the middle school or high school for students researching. This site

Washington, Middle School and possibly High Schoool

The free version could be used by individual students using their school email addresses. This will allow them to create short (3 or 6 panes) stories to illustrate. It's more like a comic strip than an actual story, but depending on your assignment, that could be perfect. They do offer a paid version for teachers, if you were interested in creating a classroom page.