6th and 8th Grade Math

With Ms. Watkins

April 29, 2016

Office Hours (math help after school)

Monday's 3:15-4:00 in room 403 with Ms. Watkins

Tuesday's 3:15-4:00 in room 320 with Mrs. Salgado

Wednesday's 3:15-4:00 in room 401 with Miss. Brockman

This is a time when students may come in and begin their homework, work on reassessment, or just receive additional help with math. All middle school students are welcome to come to either or both office hours.


  1. Work on math material first.
  2. Keep voices down so that everyone can focus on their own material.
  3. If a student wants or needs a snack, it must be nut free.

Middle School Math Reassessment Policy

If your child wishes to reassess in Math they must meet with their teacher before or after school within one week of receiving the assessment in the red folder. For example, if red folders are sent home on Friday, your child has until the following Friday to meet with me. During this meeting your child will develop an individual plan with me to determine how they will be reassessed. Reassessments must be completed within one week of meeting with me.

6th Grade Math

On Monday we talked about slope. Students learned how to calculate slope from a graph with two points, identify slope in a linear equation, and calculate sole when given the coordinates of two points. Tuesday we spent time reviewing material from this unit (9.1-9.3, 10.2-10.3). Students visited 4 stations during class. Each related to material that then needed to know for the quiz/test (also know as quest). Wednesday students worked on an assessed activity about graphing linear equations. Thursday students were partnered up and will took a pair "quest" on patterns and graphs. Friday students needed some additional time to complete the quest and the graphing activity. For the students that finished each of those I provided an enrichment activity about graphs and equations.

Next week I will begin our final unit on statistics. Due to MAP testing there will be some days that I meet with one class and not the other. By the end of the week students will have been taught about mean, median, mode, and range, methods of reporting frequency, and ways of displaying data.

There have been several times that I assign watching a video as part of the homework. This will continue throughout the year. I have talked with the class about the importance of watching the video and taking notes. If your child is having trouble accessing the video please arrange for them to come to school right at 7:40 so that they can watch it in my room on one of the school computers.

8th Grade Accelerated Pace

This week students reviewed for the test and then took the test. It was apparent that much of what was taught in chapter 10 was forgotten by many or never clearly understood. I spent Monday and Tuesday doing some reteaching and clarifying understandings. Wednesday we spent time discussing what method(s) were best for solving specific quadratic equations and why they were best in that case. I also gave students a challenging problem that they were able to solve using 5-7 different methods. At the end of these discussions students were able to select practice worksheets and or enrichment worksheets for that material. Thursday students were given the option of continuing to study/practice on their own or work on some enrichment with writing the equation for a quadratic function when you were given 3 points or the vertex and a point.

For the rest of the year the accelerated group will be learning about material in chapters 11 and 12 of the textbook. Chapter 11 focuses on square roots and has some sections that use trigonometric ratios. After this (time allowing) we will skip forward to the end of chapter 12 which focuses on combinations and permutations. Next week I will be meeting with each class a different number of times due to MAP testing. By the end of the week students will have learned about simplifying square roots, solving square root equations, and graphing square root functions.

There will be several times that a video will be assigned as part or all of the homework for the rest of this year. If your child is having difficulty accessing or watching the videos please arrange for them to come to school right at 7:40 so that they can watch it in my room or in their homeroom on one of the school computers.