Christa McAuliffe

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: All About Christa's Journey

Chapter 2: All About Applying to be the First Teacher in Space

Chapter 3: Story, Deciding to Take a Risk

Chapter 4: Steve's Perspective

Chapter 5: Essay, Christa McAuliffe Was Important to New Hampshire

Chapter 6: How To Become an Astronaut

Chapter 7: What I Think...


Chapter 2: All About Christa's Journey

The Teacher In Space Program

In 1984 Christa heard about NASA's teacher in space program. She saw an opportunity. She saw an opportunity to for fill a dream. When January came she filled out an application explaining why she wanted to go to space. Then she turned in the application with no hesitation. But over 11,000 other teachers singed up to try to go to space.

Why She Wanted To Go To Space

Christa had many reasons to go to space.She wanted to write a diary from space, she was going to teach her students from space, and she wanted to give every day people a place in history. NASA wanted her to go to space so that kids would be interested in space.

The Final Ten Teachers

In April Christa was chosen along with nine other teachers to have a chance to go to space. She had to pass many medical test to make sure she was healthy enough to go to space.

Being Chosen To Go to Space

In July 1985 Christa was chosen over the other nine teachers to go to space. She went to train at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas for six months. During training she learned how to use video cameras and computers from space to capture clear pictures while she's in space. They prepared her to be weightless because not everybody likes that feeling. She was put in a cloth bag to see if close places bother her. She also practiced proper procedures during training.

chapter 3: Deciding To Take A Risk

Okay, now I need to think about what I should do. Should I go to space or should I not? Yawn." What are you doing?" Steve asked. " Thinking about if I should go to space." I said. " Do you want to talk about it ?" Steve asked. " Sure. I replied.

"Steve, what do you think I should do?" I asked. What do you mean?" Steve asked." What I mean is what do you think I should do about going to space or not." I explained." Well I want you to do what fells right to you." Steve said." I want to go to space. But what about you and the kids? I asked. " We would miss you . But I think we could power through." Steve said. "Are you sure. I asked. I would be gone for a very long time. Not just a few months. We're talking over a year. I said.Are you sure that you guys would be fine?" I asked. " Yes, I promise that we'll be fine with out you. I'm sure of it." Steve said. " Okay, as long as your sure you'll be fine with out me.

" I'm going to space" . I said faintly." What did you say. Steve asked. " I said I'm going to space". I said. " If that's what you want to do ". Steve said. With in 6 months I was gone. I call Steve and the kids to check on them when I'm not in training. They said they're doing okay so I don't have to worry.

Chapter 4: Steve's perspective

I woke up from a good sleep. Christa was already up. I bet she was thinking about if she could go to space.

I want her to for fill her dream,but what about the danger she might face."Steve".Christa said. "Yes." Steve said. " What do you think I should do?" Christa asked."Well I want you to do what feels right to you." I said. "I want to go to space." Christa said. " What about the kids. I said . You would miss watching them grow up, you would miss their birth days , you would miss mile stones, and you would miss the kids in general." I said. " Exactly. What about you and the kids. Christa said. Iwould be gone for a long time. Wouid you all be ok?" Christa asked."We would be fine. I promise. I said.

"Ok. Christ said. I have made my choice. I am going to space. She said ." Ok. I said . She started to pack. With in six months she was gone. I miss her more and more each day.

chapter 5: essay,Christ McAuliffe Was Important To New Hampshire

Christa McAuliuffe was important to New Hampshire because she was inspiring, she was smart, and most of all because she was the first teacher to attempt to go to space

One reason Christa McAuliffe was important to New Hampshire is that she was inspiring. For example, she taught her students to follow their dreams, she gave every day people a place in history, and she was not afraid to follow her own dreams.

Another reason Christ McAuliffe was important to New H amp shire was she was smart . For example, she was a teacher, she had 2 degrees, and she learned how to use video cameras from space during space training.

Although Christa McAuliffe was important to New Hampshire because she was inspiring and because she was smart especially Christa McAuliffe was important to New Hampshire because she was the first teacher to attempt to go to space. For example, she inspired people to follow their dreams. When she got on the space shuttle she was inspiring everyone who was watching her on tv and the people who were at the space station.. But the sad part was the tragedy. 73 seconds after lift off the shuttle exploded. Every body on board was killed.

Christa McAuliffe was important to New Hampshire for those reasons and more. Personally I thought reading about her was interesting because I thought it was cool that the first teacher to attempt to go to space was from the same state that I am from.

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