English I Poetry Project

DaBria Bullock

End of April

Phillis Levin

Under a cherry tree (A)

I found a robin's egg, (B)

broken, but not shattered. (C)

I had been thinking of you, (D)

and was kneeling in the grass (E)

among fallen blossoms (F)

When I saw it: a blue scrap, (G)

a delicate toy, as light (H)

as confetti (I)

It didn't seem real, (J)

but nature will do such things (K)

from time to time. (L)

I looked inside: (M)

it was glistening, hollow, (N)

a perfect shell (O)

except for the missing crown, (P)

which made it possible (Q)

to look inside. (R)

What had been there (S)

is gone now (T)

and lives in my heart (U)

where, periodically, (V)

it opens up its wings, (W)

tearing me apart. (X)


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"End of April" has tone of gloomy. Phillis Levin makes the poem sound like her heart was broken. When she says "it opens its wings, tearing me apart." it makes me think of her being sad because the "bird" is leaving her.


The theme of "End of April" is that even if something is broken on the outside it may be beautiful on the inside. The poem began as a broken robin's egg and by the end of the poem, it is spreading its wings to fly away. Levin gives the poem a "broken-hearted" feel when she says "I had been thinking of you, and was kneeling in the grass; among fallen blossoms."

How Could I Be So Lonely

Cath Glasgow

How could I be so lost, (A)
In a place I know so well? (B)
How could I be so broken, (C)
In a family so together? (D)
How could I be so lonely, (E)
Surrounded by so many? (F)
How could I be so unhappy, (G)
Surrounded by so much beauty? (H)
How could I be me, (I)
When even I remain a mystery? (J)


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The poem has a melancholy tone because it seems like she is depressed. She says how she is lost in a place she knows well and that she is broken in a well put together family.


The theme of this poem is that even when everything can be perfect in life, you aren't guaranteed happiness.