The Singley Street Journal

November 13th, 2015


November 17th: Factors, Multiples, Prime and Composite Numbers Quiz

November 19th: Social Studies Test

November 24th: Community Meeting

November 25th: Writing Harvest

Curriculum in 4S!

Writing Workshop

We are so excited to move on to our next piece of writing! Students have worked on their realistic fiction stories, Haunted Real Estate and now it is time to work on persuasive writing! Students will be taking a look at how to convince their reader of something. We are going to put a bit of a "holiday" spin on this upcoming writing project. Students will be trying to convince their reader that they are not a turkey so that they do not get eaten for Thanksgiving! Students read the book Turkey Trouble and then used a graphic organizer to create a thesis and three reasons why they are not a turkey they are a.... There ideas were incredibly creative and they are well on their way to persuading their readers. Be sure to attend our Writing Harvest to see the final product!


In Math, we have been learning about factors, multiples, and prime and composite numbers. Students have also started taking mad minutes focused around our multiplication skills. Students can practice their skills at home using moby max or a website on my eboard.

Reading Workshop

This week, students took a look at analyzing character traits. We read the mentor text Amazing Grace. While reading, we looked at how we can determine character feelings. This week, we also looked at homophones and plural nouns.

Social Studies

We are wrapping up our first Social Studies Unit. Students this week learned about how a bill becomes a law. In addition, we discussed the difference between rights and responsibilities. We created a pyramid in order to look at our different levels of citizenship.

Science - Cedar Run!

To wrap up our Organisms and Environment Unit, students created Alien Adaptation Projects. In addition, we got to visit Cedar Run! Here, we participated in a Survival Activity where students had to build shelters. In addition, we got to see a wide range of animal that Cedar Run takes care of. Lastly, we got to go on a nature hike! Click on the link below to see our pictures!