Fontaine Flier

November 13, 2015

Mid-Term Progress Reports Come Home Today

Mid-term reports come home today in backpacks. Several kiddos have low scores in spelling. This in mainly due to missing practice pages. I still have quite a few students that are not completing these and it is affecting their grade. At this point in the quarter, when there are not an abundance of grades, missing work or a few low scores can really affect the percentage. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Fifth Grade Shirts for Parents

If you have not ordered a fifth grade shirt for your child, here is the link.

Black Bob 5th Grade Class Shirt Group Order Form - Sign Up Today!

Respiratory Test-Wednesday, November 18th

Students have materials in their binder that will help them to prepare for the test. Another study guide will be coming home on Monday.

Spelling Bee Qualifier

Our class will have our spelling bee qualifier on Friday, November 20. A study list is going home in backpacks today.

Items Needed: Headphones and an old sock or rag

From now on we will be taking our spelling pre and post tests in the computer lab. In order to do this, all students need to have a set of headphones. We are also going through our precious Kleenex whenever we use our white boards. If each student could bring in an old sock, rag, washcloth, etc. to wipe off their boards, that would be fantastic......and earth friendly too!

Specials Schedule






Fun Learning This Week...

Science-We are finishing up the Respiratory System and will test on Wed. I am so proud of everyone for doing so well on the Digestive System test!

Writing-We will continue working on our district writing assessment for the next couple of weeks.

Reading-Main Idea turned out to be a little more difficult than I had expected so we spent some time this week doing direct instruction with this skill. On Monday we will begin reading the informational text about mummies and continue working on main idea and supporting details. Students will be using an app called Poplet to demonstrate their understanding of the text's main ideas and details.

Spelling-List 11

Test on Friday.

No Spelling the Week of Thanksgiving

Math-Topic 7-Dividing Decimals

Have a great week!