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Don't Believe Everything you Hear or Read

It fascinates me to hear individuals repeat, retweet, or share something they read on social media or in the news calling it credible or factual. Has anyone not said, "oh it's true if it's on social media?" Social media platforms have changed into forums for gossip and drama. In 2003 Face Book was created first as "hot" or "not" pictures and later morphed into a platform where students at Harvard could share ideas (Wikipedia), but not sure it was intended for the current use today (my opinion).

Take a look at Twitter, beginning in 2006 and blogs in 1994, all used to dispense information, not slander or spread exaggerations. Well, we all fall guilty in reading something and assuming it factual. Over the years media outlets report news in fragments, and people believe it as the gospel - I am guilty of this too.

For instance, teachers all across Texas have read that a raise of $5000 was on the horizon, why? It was reported. Today, the House and the Senate differ over who should be designated to receive an increase and by how much. Let me be clear, I support HB 3 and SB 3 because the intent of both is to allot more funding to school districts. It has been a long while since education was such a priority in Austin (again, my opinion). But, over the years I have learned not to speculate everything reported, but wait and to see what laws are actually passed after the session. Do your part, contacting people expressing your viewpoints, but at the end of the day, wait to understand how the final bills are crafted and the ramifications before becoming entangled in social media chatter

Keep in mind, many on social media draft 1/2 truths or misleading allegations, let's wait on the facts not assuming every word in print is the gospel. There is one reality, teachers, bus drivers, aides, food service, custodians and every other individual in education warrants more than they are compensated. I thank you for what you do, I appreciate the legislature for their efforts to fund public education more equitable, but until the dust settles, don't get too worked up over what you read in the tabloids, on FB, Twitter, or in the papers. Let's just put our faith where it should be, prepare our children and remember what is important in life. Thank you for saying "yes" and for making a difference. By the way, as I stated last week, you MAKE a difference!

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