The Ririe Report

Thanksgiving Edition

Next Week...

Math: Simplify fractions, add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators.

Science: We will learn about principles of force and motion

Homework: Fraction concepts


A big THANK YOU to all the parents and family members who came out to support our class during the Turkey Trot. It was so much fun to see you all. We did not win, but we were only 21 sticks (laps) away from taking first place. Regardless, our kids were good sports and still enjoyed their day.
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Fun At The Playground

I always do cafeteria duty, so I don't get the chance to take the kids out to recess (Mrs. Acosta's job). But last Friday, I took them out to play outside and it was so cute. My homeroom boys are obsessed with World War II, so they were all out there involved in a major battle, "I'm the medic!", "I'm the commander!". I loved watching them play.l

You may ask what my girls were doing? I had to laugh when I saw them just laying on the grass sunning themselves.

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