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Where Learning Happens │November 11, 2019

Collaboration at Your Fingertips with Groups

Schoology is designed from a foundation of collaboration and communication. Groups is an essential piece of that foundation. Groups provide a means to not only share information, but communicate, discuss, and create materials. You are limited to people on your team, either. You have the ability to collaborate with people across your building, the district, and the country. Share resources, create assessments, take polls, have discussions, make announcements and more. A Group isn’t just a file repository!

What do you need to know about Groups in Schoology?

Of course, knowing your purpose and your membership is important. That will help guide your practices within the Group and the settings you set for your Group. In general, staff members cannot create Groups, but there should be a DLC in your building that does have that permission. You can also submit a help ticket to help@asd20.org requesting one.

Here are some important, but often overlooked, features of Groups:

Take time to collaborate, face-to-face and online. Share materials and responsibilities. Listen to each other. Discover the benefits that collaboration can bring to you, your team and your students.

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