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Weekly update from the Heroes team at Plaza Middle School


This is the Heroes Team Smore! This will be one of the main facets used to send information to families that have students on the Heroes Team. Check out our Smore for updates, deadlines, sign ups, and other important information. We are very excited for the year ahead!

Plaza Pride Newsletter

Weekly newsletter from Dr. Singletary

Heroes Weekly Check-list

Here is a brief overview for what students and families can expect from the week. For a more detailed explanation, please see the "Updates" section in specific Schoology course.

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Families - Please make sure your student has headphones for at-school use.

Each month two students from every team are recognized by the team teachers and student services. October's trait is Respect from our Pride Matrix.

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Grades - 80% v. 20%

  • Tests, quizzes, projects, final writing pieces
  • Can be re-done
  • Can be turned in late and not penalized
  • Could be any amount of points


  • Daily work, homework, class participation, etc
  • Can NOT be re-done
  • If turned in late, will miss one point.
  • Only out of 3 points

In general:

If you turn in something late, please notify teacher by email, but recognize late assignments are not a priority as we are focused on current assignments.

Contacting Teachers

As teachers, we love communicating with families and are available to answer any and all questions. Email and phone calls are the ideal form of communication. Remember, we are still teaching and zooming with students during the day, so it may take 24-48 hours to respond.

District Grading Policy

Beginning October 5th, we will implement the official grading policy provided by the district regarding late work. We would like for our new Heroes to get acquainted with expectations first by providing grace in this area. The middle school grading policy can be found on the Plaza Website (linked below).
NWEA Troubleshooting Guide for Parents and Caregivers

There are more resources/guides on our Plaza website under "Parent Resources"

NWEA Student Training

For any student who may have missed our training for NWEA, it can be viewed here. Reminder that testing begins Wednesday 9/23 at 8a!!

Plaza Website

There are many resources provided by the district that are all located on the Plaza Website under "Parent Resources" including Infinite Campus, NWEA, etc.

Zoom Links

We have posted ONE document on our Heroes Team Course on Schoology with links to all our zooms based on our virtual availability by time and day.

Some students have been contacted directly and should use the links provided by their case manager.

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Stay Connected!

To receive text messages throughout the year from the Heroes Teachers, please join our Remind group. You can use this link --> OR text @c9f869 to the number 81010.

Heroes Team

Mrs. Elam (& Baby Franklin), Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Goff, Mr. Fleshman, Mrs. Paden, Mr. Kalis, Mrs. Jarding, Mrs. Morrow (Mrs. Elam's Long-term Sub), Ms. Sacco