Hungry Tigers

"Clawing into learning"

Team Colors

The Hungry Tigers are proud to represent the colors of purple and gold.

Philosophy and Team Goals


The Hungry Tigers purpose is to build a solid foundation by striving to teach, encourage, instruct, mentor, praise, influence, guide, and inspire students during the learning process while providing a safe and positive learning environment.

Team Goals:

To increase the knowledge and connections through interdisciplinary studies. Through the use of technology,cooperative learning groups, and the practice of problem solving throughout the core classes this will be achieved. It will be important for team members to collaborate on lesson plans.

Team Members

Responsibilities for Team Members

  • Team members should meet once every week to work together in creating an interdisciplinary curriculum.

  • Each member should be responsible for submitting their lesson plan to the Hungry Tiger dropbox by Monday at 5pm. This allows the team to discuss and work towards interdisciplinary studies and to be aware of what is taking place in each classroom.

  • Each member will be responsible for showing in an excel sheet how they are incorporating interdisciplinary studies in each classroom.

  • Each member will work together and treat each other with respect and have an open mind.

  • Each member will work towards creating a variety of teaching style on the team. Not everyone can do it all.

  • Each member will recognize strengths and weaknesses of the team helping to better the team overall.

  • Each member will be responsible for attending parent-teacher conferences.

Team Rules for Students

  • Come prepared to class with all materials
  • Every student should be in their assigned seat when the bell rings
  • Electronic devices will only be used for educational purposes. This includes tablets, and computers only.

  • Absolutely no cell phones

  • A student must sign in and out of the logbook when leaving and returning to class.

  • The 10-10 rule must be implemented in all classrooms. Ten minutes after class starts, and before class ends, the student is to not to leave the classroom.

  • Be respectful to teacher and other classmates.

Discipline Policy

1st offense: verbal warning from the teacher

2nd offense: Lunch detention and contact to parent/guardian

3rd offense: One day of ISS

*Fighting will result in expulsion. This is a district policy.

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Grading Policy

Grading Scale:

A 90-100

B 89-80

C 79-70

D 69-60

F Below 60

Grade Percentages:

Test: 50%

Projects: 30%

Quizzes: 10%

Participation: 10%

*Rounding will not take place

*Late Policy: For each late assignment 10% will be deducted for every day the work is late.

*Participation: This includes discussion, completion of formal assessments, and coming to class prepared and on time.

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Parent Contact Policy

  • Every team member is responsible for contacting the parent on the first day of school. The team member should explain our team goals and expectations for the school year.
  • The treasurer will be responsible for contacting the parent about the parent-teacher conference policy.

Parent-teacher conference policy:
  • One conference will be required every nine weeks.
  • The treasurer will be responsible for contacting each parent and helping the student create their portfolio for the conference.
  • The purpose of the student portfolio is to allow the conference to be student centered.
  • The student will begin the conference and discuss their progress throughout the nine-weeks by showing the assignments included in the portfolio.
  • Each member will be responsible for attending the meeting and coming prepared to discuss any concerns about the student.

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