Stopping By The Woods

Shelby Mason


I think this poem is about a person walking around one night to find themselves coming to a stop in front of the snow covered woods, Maybe be cause they heard something or saw something that just attracted them to it.


This guy stops at the woods to watch it fill with snow hopping the owner won't see him watching; he wishes to keep secrets and be peaceful for mile and miles to go.


"To watch his woods fill up with snow."


Calm but hesitant about watching the persons woods to get some rest or something,

also very doubtful about himself... 'the horse thinks.'

Then feeling drowned by the miles and miles more he has to go.


The ending is where the shift is.

It goes from kinda just rambling to actual realization about whats seriously going on.


This title means like taking a minute to stop and think about what you are doing.

The title is a creative way of telling you the person in the poem is needing to take a minute and come back to reality.


The theme is,in my opinion, don't barrie your self in issues or something like that.

Basically do what you need to do and go on with your life with things you need to know.