Apps Used for Mlearning

A review by Melyssa Clare for EDU 210

Top 5 Mobile Apps For The Classroom:

1. Animation Creator HD Express

This app for Apple products lets you draw your own characters and animate them as well as put your own audio to your story. This App can be used in an English class where students can be asked to draw pictures of what they think the character of a certain story looks like and then add audio explaining why they drew the character with the features that they did.

2. Talking Tom & Ben News

This app can be used on Apple products as well as devices with Google play. This app allows you to create a dialogue and the characters of Tom and Ben will act it out. A good way it can be used in the classroom is to get students to create a dialogue on a current news event and then show their video to the class.

3. Fotobabble

Fotobabble is an Iphone app that allows you to take a picture and voice record information about the picture. This app could be used in the class room during a biology lab as a way to take a picture of what you are viewing and record what is happening and why it is important. This can be a form of taking audible notes of real time experiences.

4. Videolicious

Videolicious is an app for apple products that allows you to create a video using your own pictures and voice. Simply select the pictures you would like to use from your camera roll and put them in the order you'd like them to play. Then select music, or add voice. This could be used in the classroom as a way to make presentations. For example, students could be asked to put together a presentation on Canadian First Nations, and could use this app to put together related pictures and record their audio for each picture.

5. audioBOO

audioBoo is an app that allows you to create a pod cast on whatever topic you would like. One was this could be helpful in the classroom is to assist with second language learning. For example, you could record a pod cast of native speakers reading a story and have your students listen to it and then later give them a comprehension test to see how well they are understanding the language.