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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - September 20


Homecoming is about celebrating community, and we have a great community at Lakeview. Thank you to the PTO, Ms. Drake-Hames, and Ms. Wilke for their leadership to make this happen. I think Lakeview must have had one of the largest individual groups in the parade and an amazing float. Rain threatened, but ultimately stayed away. Thank you to Diane C, Kristen M, Chris C, Kasia D-H, Jenn B, and Sarah W for marching with our approximately 40 students.

An unsettled feeling

I have a lot of conversations with people lately where I find myself saying, "I just don't feel like we're settled yet." Many of you are agree that we have Level 0 classes, but we don't necessarily have eyes watching, ears listening, body still. I feel it, too. I don't have a magic answer (sorry), but I can offer the following:

You have permission to stop what you are teaching if needed to work on procedures, routines, and rituals with the class. If less than 100% of the class is engaged in independent reading or if some students are not using math tools correctly, stop teaching. Pull everyone back to the carpet and reteach expectations. I am completely ok with this. And don't be afraid to wrap more people into the conversation: grade-level colleagues, the teacher from last year, anyone in pupil services, and certainly myself.

Keep it up, Lakeview!

This was so cool that I had to share it. I received an email from SeeSaw about our schoolwide usage. The infographic below says it all. Students have added nearly 10,000 pieces of work! Congrats! That is how we shift the ownership of student learning to the students. It also talks about the number of family connections that are happening. Thank you all for making this happen and thanks to Tammy for her leadership!
Big picture

Introducing our St. A's therapists

Please see this bio sheet for information about Nancy Nedland, our therapist from St. A's who will be working closely with us to enhance our ability to offer integrated mental health services at Lakeview.

SDSM Spirit Wear

The middle school student council always does a great SM spirit wear sale - I order from them every year. The turnaround time is pretty quick. If interested, bring your form to the office by Tuesday, September 24 and we will send it to the middle school. The PDF of the order form is below.

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, Sept 24 - MAP window closes

Wednesday, Sept 25 - Chris meets with selected teams as follows to work on our Collaborative Delivery of Service project:

1:30-2:30 2nd & 3rd grade team plus Maddie & Rachel

2:30-3:30 4th & 5th grade team plus Jill & Abbey

3:45-4:30 Everyone who was in the 1:30 and 2:30 meetings

No 7:15 staff meeting on 9/25

Friday, Sept 27 - PD Day (no students)

Wednesday, Oct 9 - Sunshine Taco Bar lunch

Oct 9 & 10 - Conferences from 4-8 p.m.

Oct 11 - No school

Oct 18 - Grandparent's Day 9 a.m.

Structural Items

Link to this week's family newsletter

Photo opt-out list - You received this list from Roxanne. These are the choices that families made when registering for school. Please be careful about it. But you can also mention to the family that they have restricted certain information and if they would like to change it, send them to the office where we can easily update it. Sometimes families are confused by the way the questions are worded and opt out by mistake. Then again, some are legitimate restrictions, so we must follow all of them.

Workman's Comp - I was in a meeting this week where our district's workman's comp insurance reps taught us all sorts of things. Workplace safety and prompt reporting is in the best interest of our students and the district because it costs us in many different ways. If you are hurt, please report it right away. We have blue envelopes in the office that detail the procedure that we need to follow.

Conferences - Please reach out to families that have not scheduled a conference. We really do strive for 100% attendance at conferences. If there is a family that has not scheduled and you absolutely cannot reach, schedule a time for them and send a note home.