Alexis Headding

FM9 Journalism Final Exam

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My Summer Plans

My summer plans are going to my lake house. This year my brother is graduating so we have to wait for him to be done with all of that then we are off to Missouri. With the house being in Missouri we live in the middle of the Ozark Mountains so the lake is very deep and is rock bottom so it is crystal clear. It is my favorite place to be of all time. It is breath taking.

At the lake my dad still works because he is able to work from home so from 7AM-3PM he is working then the rest of the day we can use to do what ever we want on the lake. We usually go out on the boat swim around a little bit then we wake board, tube, or ski. There is no way you can get bored there, there is always something to do. During the day while my parents are working, my brother and I find things to do like ride our segway, go four wheeling, swimming, fishing, and much more. There really is no way you could get bored there it is impossible.

When August comes around it is a sad time... August means band camp, although I do love band, band camp is horrible. Standing in the dry and hot summer heat of Texas is definitely not something i would choose to do if i could be doing something else with my summer. Regardless it is all worth it and i cannot wait to make more memories with friends and family this summer.