The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth I

"The Virgin Queen"

Her Early Life

Princess Elizabeth I was born on September 7, 1533 in England. She was the daughter of King Henry VII and Anne Boleyn. When she was only two years of age, her Father had her mother,Anne Boleyn, was beheaded for adultery and conspiracy.

Her Challanges

One of the challenges she had to over come was that early on she and her older stepsister, Mary, were declared illegitimate because King Henry VII was trying to make way for a male heir. She also had to obey Mary's commands to avoid suspicion and was under constant scrutiny when Mary was queen.

Mary's rein

After being crowed Queen, Mary married King Philip of Spain which made her unpopular.After Mary came to power, she restored the Catholic faith. She viewed Elizabeth as an enemy because of her Protestant background adding another challenge in her life. Mary had Elizabeth imprisoned in the tower because Mary believed that she couldn't trust her.

Coming to power

After being released from the Tower, Elizabeth was moved to a place called Woodstock where she stayed there for a little under a year. Mary became pregnant and no longer viewed her as a threat because her child would go on and claim the throne. She let Elizabeth return to her home under a house arrest. Mary was 40 years old her she was "pregnant." Her belly began to swell but there was no baby. The wait was called off and Elizabeth was once again in line for the throne. Mary died in 1558 and Elizabeth was made Queen of England.

The Golden Age

When Elizabeth reigned, it is sometimes called the Golden Age. She influenced the Arts and many famous people gained their fame in the Golden Age. William Shakespeare was one of them. Many famous building were built during that time too. Some buildings are Longleat and Hardwick. Elizabeth also attened the first "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare. Famous composers such as William Bryd and Thomas Tallis worked in her court.

Things to Know about her

  • Queen Elizabeth could speak six languages fluently
  • She was the only English Queen that never married
  • She almost always seen with white makeup because it was fashionable at the time and she used it to cover up the scars she got from smallpox
  • She has been seen on television more often than any other monarch
  • Her height was estimated between 5 ft 3 in and 5 ft and 4 in.

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