By Matthew Henderson


  • born in Urbino, Italy on April 6 1483
  • spent the majority of his life in Urbino
  • trained in painting by father
  • received further artistic education as an apprentice
  • middle-upper class lifestyle
  • focused on painting
  • works included La Belle jordiniere, Mond Crucifixion and Marriage of the Virgin
  • patroned by pope Julius II
  • his works focused on individualism and secularism
  • individuals in his paintings were shown in unique poses and expressions, illustrating their personalities
  • his works returned to ancient Greece and Rome, showing people from the time period along with mythology

The School Of Athens

  • titled The School of Athens
  • was completed in 1511
  • original can be found along the walls of the Stanza di Raffaello
  • copies can be found in museums throughout the world
  • the work was commissioned by Pope Julius II
  • was unorthodox as it inst a religious work and features ancient Greek philosophers
  • used the new technique of perspective
  • the work is a fresco picturing many of the most famous Greek philosophers and renaissance artists together in the same room, each studying there own art
  • the artwork is linked with individualism, as each member of the painting is shown in there own distinct character
  • I find this painting to be interesting because it was commissioned by a religious figure yet was deemed sac-religious by many because of its focus on ancient Greek and roman culture
  • more information on this artwork can be found at http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/school-of-athens.html

Other Works