Mrs. Bouse's News

Friday, December 11, 2015


If your child has received a slip from the library, please make sure they return their book as soon as possible. All library books were due today (12/11). They will gladly accept them next week. I believe they do inventory over break. Most students have returned their books. Our goal: all children's books returned before break! If your child has not returned it, a white library form has come home. Thanks for your help with this goal!


We have some fun changes next week:
  1. Friday is an early dismissal day. Students will be released at 1pm.
  2. Instead of having PE/MUSIC on Thursday, we will have our monthly Assembly. We will have PE/MUSIC on Friday.
  3. Friday is also our Polar Express day. We will be wearing pajamas, enjoying popcorn and hot cocoa, while watching the movie "The Polar Express."
  4. No independent reading books will come home over vacation. Yeah! No homework!


Thank you so much to the parents that have sent in the Holiday Week Money already! If you haven't, please send in $3-5 for our craft/cookie week that we will start Monday. Thanks!

Rainbow Wall

Please help me congratulate the following students this week for climbing the Rainbow Wall! They are working so hard to learn these sight words, I am so proud of them!

RED: Ella Clive

ORANGE: Haya Almadhi

YELLOW: Deaglan Dwyer, Hunter Emerson, Zion Deloney

PINK: Cheyenne Requena, Jackson Gulden
Dove (3rd Grade Sight Words): Royce Hayes