Madame Schaechter

The Holocaust

My Own Home

My name is Madame Schaechter and I had a good life just until the germans invaded my home which is where I came from with all my family and friends. Later on while me and my son as well as others on the train I had a dream seeing a fire and from the fire was black smoke. Yet instead of people believing me they beat me because I was loud trying to warn them. When we were getting close to the camp we started to see black smoke and a certain type of odor then people around me started getting worried. The time we got there it was too late to react and they were caught in a trap.

My Vision

My vision while I was on the train saw a fire. The fire supposedly represented a crematorium we later discovered after seeing a black smoke. This dream was terrifying so my reaction wasent so delighting I started to scream and panic as well as try to warn the people around me they just thought I was crazy.

The Reactions Of Others

People started to tell me to shut up and yelled at me but the vision became more and more clear for me and so i've started to scream even louder. It was so loud to the point my son was starting to tell me to quite down. Then the screaming got worse and people started to hit me and try to shut me up but found way to scream either way , by then people weren't afraid to hit me in front of my kids. So I tried to restrain from the yelling.

The Arrival To The Camp


By the time everyone seen they were getting killed and were slaves to the german it was to late. Only if they actually listened to me we could at least had the chance to fight back. Instead they choose to go against me and get killed when they didn't have to sacrifice everything they had .