plasti dip

Plasti Dip - experiences, tips, costs

I had something poking evening in the Plasti Dip corner and seen and read some articles and videos. I come to many different opinions. I've been thinking this time to open a thread to gather information what you can do with it, as long does it really, how can it keep clean and what does the fun. Having yes as I said a lot of video and lyrics by I'm seriously thinking on the entire car to dip. Here you get in the end everything you need to get out and I already got the gun that Wagner should not be hit. better with a normal spray gun. then you should be at. 8 coats so that the pull is possible because there is a huge sont fumbling. But you should not use primer because you can forget the removal. Logical. costs keep my opinion to be reckoned with in limits as about 5-7L Plastidip according to my results of the search. Would be between 250 and 400 € maximum. Plus the self-applying the power to be dipping car. Is there in 5L bucket. Dilution, etc. they also do buy the videos on Youtube and Co. certainly knows one or the other. What'd I but have not found how long does the thing. Washes and pressure washers should not be a problem mainly just walk me to the front and the local insect remains. If anyone can help I would be really happy.