The New Family Member

Hailee Hiller

"We are going to get a cat tomorrow or the day after that," my dad announced. Everyone was overjoyed about the news...well except my Haven and I. Ever since we had a pale,lazy,and attention-hating hairless cat.We were expecting to get another hairless cat.My dad hates furry cats because they shed all over the house...and he doesn't want to clean up the hair mess that the cat leaves. "This isn't going to go out so well..." Haven whispered.

After a week or so,I got a spreading-to-millions-of-people sickness...the flu.I look around.No cat is in sight.I guess dad changed his mind.As soon as this thought runs through my head,I hear a rustling noise in the library room.I walk to the room expecting a hairless monster but instead...a gray,fluffy,and adorable little cat that was attacking a cardboard box.I looked at him,then noticed a toy mouse connected to a string and a stick.I snatch the stick and wave the dangling toy in the air.Noticing this,the cat leaps in the air with his paws reaching for the toy,but missed and landed with a thump.I saw the cat's leg in a twisted position.

I hear the garage open and after a few minutes,mom comes into the room and stares at me.I explain to her that the cat's leg was twisted.She smiles and responds,"We already knew that so that's why we named him LT Dan." What kind of name is that?! I think out loud.Mom,reading my thoughts,told me that this "LT Dan" guy came from a ,movie and had no legs.Well...okay

Few weeks later,the LT was following me to me room to snooze along with me when it was night.And he listened to my commands like I was his master.After a long while,my dad told me to meet him in the backyard.He looks at me and says,"I know you have been caring for this fur ball for such a long I decided that LT is yours." My heart lifted and I rushed upstairs.LT meows and I pick him up.For now on I owned a pet for the first time.

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