Types of Volcanoes

Describe the three different types of volcanoes

Three Different Types of Volcanoes

Volcanoes are classified into three different types which are based on the volcanoes' cones. The shape of the cone is dependent on the viscosity of the magma and the pyroclastic material which builds up along the vent of the volcano. The funnel at the top of the volcano is known as the crater, which forms from the volcanoes' eruptions. Below are the three main types of volcanoes.

Shield Cinder Cone Composite

Volcanoes and Calderas

What is a Caldera?

Volcanoes have magma chambers and vents. The magma chambers provide the magma and the magma moves up the vent to the surface of the earth. Often the magma chamber can empty out. When the chamber empties out, the cone may collapse. When it collapses, it causes a bowl shaped depression called a caldera. Sometimes calderas fill up with water. One example is in Mazama, Oregon. Today, it is called Crater Lake.