Smoking Ban

By: nolan Regan

Cigarette Effects

Smoking causes you to cough and wheeze, also it can make you dizzy. When you smoke there is an effect on you body called Hypothalamus, what this is, is it suppresses the bodies appetite causing you not to eat. When you smoke your bodies blood pressure goes up causing your blood cells to have less oxygen in them.

Cigarette Addiction

Nicotine, the nicotine in the cigarettes are dissolved into the body in about 20 to 30 minutes and you will start to crave it again. The nicotine in the cigarette causes the brain to crave it everyday. There is in fact a chance to prevent from getting to addicted to the substance but, for most people it is very hard to quit.

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a substance inside a cigarette, it contains a lot of deadly or really harmful chemicals. Some of these chemicals are arsenic, which is found in rat poison... Also nicotine is very addicting substance which affects the brain in a way that makes the person smoking very addicted to the substance, and if they do not get it then the will start to have a very bad affect on their body causing them to crave it even more or go into withdrawal.

Above there is an object called a Nictine Patch that helps the person not crave nicotine as much

The effects of smoking on your body