Ben Robert-Smith

Military leader

about Ben Robert-Smith

Ben Robert-Smith was born in 1/11/1978 on West Australia, perth. He is int he Australia Army and he first mission was special operation task group on operation. Ben had's two daughters named eve, Elizabeth, he's wife is named emma.
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Ben achieve Victoria cross of Australia, Medal for gallantry, commendation for distinguished service, rank corporal and a special air service soldier. He also met the queen Victoria the second. Some people say he is a war hero.
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War hero meets the Queen


Ben was learn at hale school and the teacher said that he was a smart student. ben was lucky to had the education at hale school and that how he was a Military leader today.
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  • "I just looked across and saw my mates getting ripped up, I thought I'd have a crack, not to let my mates down."


  • "Remember the Australian soldiers who put their hands up willingly... They're our mates and their families live with that every day... remember they are the heroes, they are the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice."

    BEN ROBERTS-SMITH VC, of serving in Afghanistan

  • "I do what I do because I believe in the country that we live in. I believe we are making a difference in stemming the flow of terrorism into Australia... I want my children to be able to live as everyone does now without the fear of getting on a bus and having it blow up."

    BEN ROBERTS-SMITH VC, of serving in Afghanistan

  • "The mates you serve with are like family and you would do anything for them. In battle, nothing else matters than completing the mission and doing your utmost to bring everyone home."