Digital Citizenship Project

Gianna L Period 2

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is the rules that you should follow when you are on the internet. Everyone needs to know the rules of the digital citizenship because of what you post or write it will always affect you somehow in the future.

Digital Etiquette

Rule 1: Be kind.

The internet is not private. If you don't want your parents, children, teacher, or even college scouts to see what you say then be careful of what you post.

Information Privacy

Rule 2: Don't share your information.

If someone on the street asks you for your email and password you aren't going to give it to them right? Well on fake sites that you may think is real you are entering all of your information. Someone could easily accuse you of doing something terrible that you didn't do.

Social Networking

Rule 3:Communication could go wrong.

Social networks are a way for people to meet new people. It could be a good way for you to make new friends but it could also go wrong. Some strangers could try to talk to you and they could end up being some person that is actually fake and not who you thought who they were.

Online Safety

Rule 4: Stay anonymous.

Don't let anyone get your personal information they could easily tell everyone and hack your profile.


Rule 5: Be smart.

Don't say anything that you wouldn't say in person. If someone is bullying you calm down and don't fire back anything mean.


Rule 6: Don't steal.

Don't ever copy and paste things it is called plagiarism and stealing which you can get in a lit of trouble for doing.


Rule 7: Be creative.

Copying something could lead to getting into a lot of trouble and might even be annoying to the person who made it.